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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Purpose of This New Blog

I don't know how many readers my old Blore-in-Brazil blog had. Less than ten, I had thought, but now and again the oddest people would write to tell me they had read and liked my blog, or that I should get the thing going again. Popular demand, however, is not really why I've resurrected the monster. Rather, I was inspired by reading a few other blogs, in particular a series of blogs created by screenwriters in LA. (See http://www.johnaugust.com/ and http://www.davidanaxagoras.com/) Some are struggling, some are quite successful, but what I found fascinating was the fairly honest inside look they give on the business of being a professional writer in the LA film and TV world.

So, this new re-purposed blog (not being an MBA or a business writer, I have never before been able to use the word re-purposed), will attempt to provide a fairly honest inside look at the business of being a freelance foreign correspondent. Exciting chases under fire with beautiful kalishnakov-toting guerilla leaders will, of course, crop up regularly here. But in addition I plan to write - with as much honesty as possible - about the business side of foreign corresponding; that is, how do you make a living writing about exciting chases under fire with beautiful kalishnakov-toting guerilla leaders, when news consumers in first world markets would much rather read about food, traffic, weather, sports or just about anything else? And how do you spell Kalishnakov?

Tune in next post, and see.....


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