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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Asleep in Toronto

Saw this story on the NYT website this morning (June 10) at 8am. Checked the Globe and Mail and the Star. The CBC. Nothing. Checked them again at 11am. Still nothing. Nobody there reading the wires? WHat's up? If this story is true (and it's got a reuters tag, which gives it credibility) this is a major, ask questions in the hosue what is canada doing kind of story. And nobody's got it? Holiday in Toronto today?

Canadian and Afghan Forces Kill More Than 30 Taliban Fighters

Published: June 10, 2006

KABUL, June 10 (Reuters) - Canadian and Afghan troops killed more than 30 Taliban fighters in the southern Afghan province of Zabul on June 5, the U.S.-led military coalition said in a statement on Saturday.

A joint force engaged over 60 insurgents in the Arghandab district of Zabul. Neither the Afghan nor Canadian troops, who are serving with the coalition, suffered any casualties, the statement said.

An insurgency raging since U.S.-backed forces ousted a Taliban government in late 2001 is going through its bloodiest phase, with 400 people, mostly militants, killed in May alone.

The spiralling violence has resulted from increased Taliban activity, and diplomats and military officials believe the insurgents are trying to spread alarm among NATO governments before the deployment of thousands of extra alliance peacekeepers in the country.

NATO is expected to boost its troop strength to 17,000 from 9,000 by the end of July, while the United States is expected to reduce its force to 20,000 from 23,000.


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